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What’s Your Favourite Part of Kings Camp?

The rink is buzzing again with hockey. Just under 100 campers dragged their hockey bags out of the closet, dusted off the skates and have spent the last three days being whipped into shape by the Kings' Assistant Coaches and players.

This morning, I ventured down to the rink where Group 1 (5-8 year olds) were doing dryland training with Kings' defenseman Jason Yee. The group was in the midst of an intense (but fun!) drill where they had to run wearing a parachute. It was great – the group of youngsters were listening, running hard & all had a smile on their face!

I asked the campers (ages 5-8) what their favourite part of Kings' Hockey School has been so far. Here are a handful of the responses I received from excited campers:

“I like going to shoot on the net!” – Cohen Mastrodonato

“Ice time!” – Rylan Villani

“The parachute dry land games! They're so much fun.” – Malcom Williams –

” Ice times because there are mini hockey games.” – Carter Alexander –

“Playing little games!” – Tyson Verkerk –

“Hockey! Because you get to play hockey games and drills and get good at hockey!”     – Lucas Shipley-

“Icetime because I like hockey and skating. I learned how to do crossovers and how to shoot.” – Annika Krowitz –

“My favourite is icetime because we get to play games with the Kings.” – Nick Peters –

“Dryland because it has lots of fun games.” – Ian Stewart –

“Hockey! I've learned shooting. In dryland I've liked the running with parachutes. It makes me strong.” – Austin Leach –

“Ice time because we play games. I like skating with the Kings players!”                        – Gabe Shipley-