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Become a Kings Billet Family

Create relationships that will last a lifetime... Become a Kings billet family!

The Powell River Kings Hockey Club is looking for billet families for the remainder of 2024-25 season. Billet Families play an essential role in the success of our team and the success of each individual player both on and off the ice.

Billeting is a very rewarding experience for our athletes who are away from home, sometimes for the first time, and we believe it is a rewarding experience for the billet families as well. Our players want to experience their time away from their families in a caring environment, and to have a home away from home. Having a hockey player in your home takes time, patience, and a willingness to share. There are lots of differences both cultural and personal, both is part of the joy of welcoming someone new into your home and in most cases making a new friend for life.


What Makes a Good Billet?
A sensitive and patient family! It can be overwhelming for a player to be so far away from home. A thoughtful billet family appreciates that each player is unique and that communication and mutual understanding take effort.

Our billet families are interested in sharing their lifestyle in a positive and mutually rewarding way and they offer a safe, secure and welcome home to learn and grow in.

What a Billet Family Provides:

  • A private bedroom and closet
  • Nutritious meals
  • A patient, caring, positive and friendly home atmosphere
  • The same guidance and attention you would want for your own children

What a Billet Family receives:

  • The opportunity to make a difference to a young athlete
  • Season tickets to all Powell River Kings games for everyone in the immediate family living in the household
  • A monthly stipend for each player housed ($800)
  • 20% off all Kings merchandise
  • Invitation to the Year End Banquet
  • First-hand knowledge of events and happenings with the Powell River Kings Organization
  • Orientation and support from PR Kings Staff as well as other experienced billet families
  • Note: All of our players must comply with specific guidelines for behavior & academic performance

Housing Dates:

All players will arrive mid-to-late August. This allows for high school or college enrolled players to report to school for registration, as well we have some players that work our Hockey School and then others that arrive for training camp. Housing will continue through to the end of the season, which may last through the end of March and into May.




Things to Consider:

Even the most self-assured players appreciate good quality time with their billet family…is everyone in your household ready to accept someone new into your home?

"As a first time billet family, we were pleasantly surprised at how well our "bonus son" fit in with our family. He's no longer just a billet to us, he's just family now" - Shane & Aaron Reid


"We have billeted for 3 seasons and have enjoyed it so much. Not only do we get to be part of the hockey world and watch the boys play, but we also gain another member of our family. Every one of our billets have become a big brother to our toddler. Kolten looks up to them and we love that he has another positive role model in his life. Billeting is rewarding and provides a way for us to give back to the community while helping someone fulfill their hockey goals" - Kris & Lindsay Pritchard


For any further questions and inquiries please email